"Rajamangkala University of Technology Srivijaya provides the knowledge and educational experiences that engage in producing potential graduates who possess professional skills needed for economic and social development."     


"To be a leading source of academic servicesin the Andaman territory that operates under good governance. Trang Campus provides the major fields of study corresponding to its location potential and surrounding resources. "


1. To educate and prepare highly skilled graduates corresponding to the universityโ€™s mission statement
2. To conduct research which resulf itโ€™s innovations in science and technology that can be transferred into value โ€“ added goods and services for the community
3. To provide academic service and to develop learning resources available in the Andaman territory
4. To maintain the national heritage in art and culture and to conserve the environment.                


1. To develop the productive teaching and learning process
2. To conduct innovative research
3. To provide academic services to the community
4. To be involved in the preservation of the national heritage in arts and culture and in conservation of the environment
5. To enhance the high- quality professionalism of the faculties and the campus personnelย 
6. To develop the administrative and management system
7. To extensivly promote the study of Andaman natural resources
8. To manage the budget effectively and to be able to raise fundย 
9. To develop the quality of education and the potential of students.